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Open end melange hoisery yarn

Fabricating Yarn Of Life

Open end melange hoisery yarn


Open end melange hoisery yarn

Regenerated Coloured Yarns

are at par with traditional virgin yarns.

The need of the hour is to work sustainably in partnership with the society and the environment. We at Shreeji Cotfab, focus ahead of profit maximisation and wealth expansion. Therefore, in 2009, we brought a paradigm shift in our method of production of yarns.

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We came one step ahead by making use of high-quality pre-consumer waste as an alternative to fresh cotton, for the manufacturing of high quality processed regenerated weaving and knitting yarn and we take great pride in the role we play in improving the planet by recycling fabrics into reusable high-quality yarns which are at par with the traditional yarns.

Open end melange hoisery yarn manufacturer

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BD7 Open End machine


We Have The Latest Technology.

Shreeji Cotfab makes use of the best in class spinning machinery made by Truetzschler,saurer and rieter which used for producing finest quality recycled dyed yarns out of preused fabrics, to provide best quality of yarn. Being eqvipped with the latest machines such as BD-7 open-end,TC-10 Card, Td-8 Draw-frame and Truetzschler blowroom which has swollen over the years by virtue of our exceptional service by providing them with highest graded Yarns. Shreeji Cotfab is the name for regenerated yarns over the country.

Open end melange hoisery yarn

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Good Quality Doesn't Mean Higher Cost!

Quality is essence of our Open end yarns and stringent quality tests are adapted at various levels on all our products to ensure that they are at par with international standards. Quality for us is all about exceeding our customer’s expectations.
We are known in the market for our finest quality Recycled coloured yarns and maintaining quality of our yarn has been our top priority. To ensure consistent quality of our open end recycled yarn, we follow a comprehensive quality control management system. We also have the desired recycled standards such as GRS.

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Count On Us!

Our techniques of production have steadily evolved over the past two decades, making us one of the leading producers of open end recycled dyed yarn in the country. Having gained expertise in our field over the years, our main motto is to provide the finest open end recycled yarn at reasonable prices, which made us excel in our area of yarn manufacturing.


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